What causes for snoring?

Snoring is the production of sound, which is heard while breathing during sleep. Snoring is formed in the back of the mouth, at the junction of the tongue, the pubis, the palate and the inner part of the throat, as a result of narrowing of the airways. It is possible to estimate the various types of the phenomenon, there are monotonous snoring, repeating the same rhythm, and there are idiopathic snoring, caused without medical reason.
In addition, there are snoring in different intensities, from snoring to snoring.
The higher the snoring intensity and the different rhythm, the greater the risk of medical problems, including the possibility of sleep apnea.

According to many studies, it appears that the phenomenon of snoring is very common among the entire population, in Israel and around the world. There are reports of about 60% of men and about 30% of women, indicating that they snore. The phenomenon is most common among men, especially over the age of 30.

The most common complaints of snoring are fatigue related to lack of sleep, excessive sleepiness, lack of concentration, headaches, nausea and, in extreme cases, complaints of poor mood, depression and anxiety. In addition to the embarrassment caused and the consequences for harming the complainant’s functioning, of course there are also complaints of fatigue on the part of the spouse as a result of joint sleep.

It is not advisable to wait for treatment and solutions only after the snoring becomes a social and marital nuisance.

Causes of snoring

The causes of narrowing of the airway and snoring are varied, there are physiological factors related to the anatomical structure of the body, and environmental factors related to human lifestyle, but in most cases these are related to Otolaryngology.

Structure of oral organs

Snoring can be caused by loosening of the airway walls, long inebleness, loose palate, nasal obstruction, enlarged tonsils, relatively large tongue, or short, full neck. As soon as these limbs begin to rub against each other, the noise from the vibrations that are created causes the snoring sound.


Active smoking and passive smoking are directly directly related to snoring. Smoking can lead to inflammation and, as a result, may constrict the upper airways. A second factor related to smoking and snoring is the fact that during sleep, there is a decrease in the level of nicotine in the body, which can cause physiological changes and, consequently, snoring. In addition, nicotine is actually poison, and just as it damages the entire body, it also pollutes the nerve cells and damages the nerves of the muscles that lead the air, in the upper walls of the airways. The best solution for those who smoked and suffer from snoring is this snoring solution.


One of the reasons for the close association between obesity and snoring is when there is an increase in weight, the nasal passage becomes more narrow and therefore makes it harder to breathe. In addition to the increased frequency of snoring, they may also become stronger because the faster the air, the higher the noise.

Use of alcohol and tranquilizers increases snoring.

Allergies, nasal congestion and colds block the airway and also increase snoring.

The first step to be taken in the treatment against snoring is diagnosis.
To find the real cause of the snoring problem, first consult your ENT doctor.
The doctor will review the patient’s medical history, perform a series of required tests, and then be able to diagnose the cause of the problem and recommend appropriate snoring treatment.
Sometimes a doctor can not identify the causes of snoring or detect the degree of severity.
In these cases, refer to sleep labs to thoroughly examine how severe the problem is and, accordingly, adjust the treatment against snoring.

Today, a wide variety of medical devices and accessories for the prevention and prevention of snoring can be found.
In addition, there are treatments and alternative treatments that relieve snoring. Another equally important treatment is actually a lifestyle change.

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