How do snoring and genetics relate to each other ?

If my father snores, will I snore?
Researchers in the United States have examined this question. They examined more than 600 noses and their parents, and when they compared snores with those who did not snore, it was found that in those whose parents snore, there is a threefold tendency to snoring.

And twins – is there a connection with snoring?
This issue is also examined. Over 300 twins were examined, some of them identical twins and some of them identical twins.
The most significant factor found in the two groups of twins examined was weight factor. High weight above the standard: In high-weight non-identical twins, there was more snoring than in identical twins who were overweight.
In other words, the appearance of snoring in twins requires two conditions: that they be identical twins and that the weight should be higher than the average for them.
In non-identical twins there were other factors that affected more than the high weight.

Is there a genetic link in the structure of the throat in those who stop breathing in sleep?
Sleep apnea usually occurs after a period of snoring, which is dangerous to health and life, which must be resolved. It is very desirable to treat snoring before developing sleep apnea, here the preventive-preventive treatment saves lives.
The researchers who looked at the genes in the throat tissue found that when 130 genes were there, there was a greater tendency to stop breathing in sleep.
In this aspect there is indeed a genetic link between the structure of the throat and sleep apnea.

And what happens with snoring at relatives?
Less than ten families were examined, and in each family there was someone who had snoring, or sleep apnea, not necessarily parents and children. The findings show that there is a link: when one snores in the family, it is reasonable to find people snoring in the same family, compared to families with no snoring.

From all of the above, you can see that genetics have a role and contribute to snoring. The connection is particularly found in the genetic makeup of tissues in the air passages in the throat.
The human desire, so understandable, to be able to activate or prevent the action of a garden for snoring is not yet realized. Snoring continues, studies continue, and until a solution is found at the level of genetic therapy, it is important to remember that a snoring solution is not a luxury, snoring is necessary for the quality of sleep.

Snoring is not just a nuisance that others complain about. Snoring is a kind of “wake-up light” of the body during sleep, and snoring is essential. The quality of sleep at night is very important to the quality of life in the day, and the connection between normal breathing and normal sleep is obvious.
A healthy breath using the Buteyko method teaches you to regulate your breathing in moderate stages, at first on the day when the mother is awake, and then at night during sleep. As opposed to external drastic solutions that are imposed on the body, the change that is done in breathing is gradual and beneficial to all body systems.